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Hi, I am Aleksa

Game Developer

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Aspiring Game Developer

My name is Aleksa Petrović. I am currently a student in my last year of studies at School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies, hoping to find a job as a game developer. I am very passionate for both games and problem-solving. I started studying programming back in high school where I have gone to municipal competitions in C programming language. I come from a family of programmers, hoping to keep the tradition going. I am very willing to learn, and I pick up things easily


Googling 100%
C# 80%
Unity 70%
Git 50%
Adobe Photoshop 65%


School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies

Engineer of electrical and computer engineering

2017 October - Present
Electrotechnical school “Stari Grad”

Computer Technician

2013 September - June 2017


  • Video games
  • Solving riddles
  • Playing piano
  • Boxing
  • Chess


Batajnica, Belgrade, Serbia




Intern Game Developer

Crater VFX Training Center
2021 June - 2021 September

I was a game developer at a summership at Crater. My job was to, along with 2 artists, make a game for the Nikola Tesla Museum. I was in charge of game mechanics, visual effects, animations, level design and audio.



Stack is a simplistic hyper-casual game for Android/iOS. I’ve made it for fun, trying to speedrun through the whole process of creating a game by making it in under a day. Made in Unity using C#.

Description: Stack up the blocks as high as you can. Tap on phone screen to place currently moving block on top of the lower one.

X-Ray Mysteries

X-Ray Mysteries is a game that I’ve made, along with 2 other colleagues, during my summer internship at Crater VFX Training Center for the National Museum of Science & Technology in Belgrade. My role was the game developer. I was in charge of game mechanics, level design, visual effects, animations, UI and audio. Made in Unity using C#.

Description: Side-scrolling platformer which contains two levels – Pupin’s assistant and Tesla’s assistant. You move through the levels by running, jumping and dodging enemies to ultimately grab items for Pupin/Tesla so they can bring their design of an X-Ray machine to life.


Wordsella is a game that is also my graduation project. I’ve done the game mechanics, visual effects, animations, UI and some artwork by myself. Most of the artwork and audio I’ve found online. Made in Unity using C# and SQLite.

Description: It’s an 8-bit styled typewriting game made to test out and enhance your skills of typing on the keyboard. The ships from the right attack your planet, type their name as quickly as possible to destroy them! Watch out for the bigger ships, they are slower, but their words are longer! You also have powerups to slow down time, multiply your points and gain health back!


This is still a project in the making, with only spending a few hours on this game, I fool people into thinking it's the real deal. Here I am, for practice, trying to make an exact replica of the famous Color Switch, an endless runner in which your goal is to grab as many stars as possible to reach a highscore. Your ball can only go through objects of the same color as itself, or else it explodes!